Selecting the RIGHT DOMAIN for your business

Not all domain names are created equal - at least according to Google


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© 2004-2014 by BlakeA Digital Designs LLC.   All Rights Reserved. 

                Web design is not as simple as Black and White.   


Today everybody is an  internet/web "expert".  Over here however have been building and deploying technology based solutions to BUSINESS sales, customer service, business proccess and marketing issues for over 30 years. 


There are many options to help your business be successful online.  We take the time to understand your business and then recommend practical and cost effective solutions to meet specific goals.


In fact over two thirds of our clients have existing web sites and pay a vendor to manage it.   In many cases we can do it better for less money -- and show you the results.    


Start with a knowledgeable parter - like Blake A, and let's work together to get your the right strategy, process and design to make the internet work for you - in a practical and cost effective manner. 


We can take a napkin idea and turn it into a winning web site for your business.   Now we prefer to use more than a napkin, but I'm just saying.


Since 1985 we have doing MARKETING and can turn that knowledge and experience into leads, new customers and income for your business.



Leave the ROCKET SCIENCE to me.   






Whether it's website, email, copywriting, press releases, video produciton, blogs, ecommerence or shopping sites, or integration with existing systems we can make it happen for you.  And our prices are reasonable for web design and services.      


Give us a call or drop us a note anytime to talk.   We will visit your business anywhere in the State of CT or Southern MA.    We have clients in Springfield MA, New York NY, Portland OR, Charolette NC, Los Angeles CA, Ashford CT, Mansfield Storrs CT, New London CT, WIndham CT, and all over Eastern Connecticut.


Web designers are good, however a marketing professional is better suited if you desire new business or a new process of doing business.   



Design, Copy, Graphics and Search Marketing by - The best place to get your web work done in CT.