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Blake A Will is a proven marketing professional.


For over 30 years Blake A has been concepting, designing, building, deploying and MARKETING technology based solutions in the Medical, Healthcare, Insurance, Automotive and Construction marketplaces.  

With experience in Business to Business, Consumer and Ecommerence enterprises - if it can be done online we can make it work for you.  
 From Strategy to execution we know how to get it done.


After attending the University of Southern California (USC) Business School, in Los Angeles CA, Blake started hs first software company in 1985 building and installing some of the first PC based medical management systems for physicians.   From the trunk of his car to 10,000 installations nationwide - the learning never stopped.    


Since then Blake has started several software companies, served as a senior technology and marketing consultant to executives at public and private companies; raised venture capital for a technology venture backed and has been served as a senior Vice President of ebusiness at a Fortune 50 company.  


With his vast business development, technology, marketing, product development and intuitive process improvement approach - he is qualified to help you with simple or highly complex projects.  


Whether you need web applications and or marketing process improvement - we know how to solve business problems and increase sales and decrease expenses.  


Blake's creative thinking and out of the box solutions are his trademark of his brand.


The team at Blake A Designs welcomes new clients and takes a very personal and hands on approach.  We always meet face to face with our clients before, durring and after implementation.


Our success shows by our high referral rates - and the positive results we produce for our friends and clients. 


Best Regards,


Blake A Will 




We are passonite about Marketing --- creating key messages, that clearly articulate your businesses unique value. 


Better solutions sell more products. 


Taking your Messages (key talking points & story line) we tarket Market using specific demographic, or geo demographic tactics to tell your story, to the right audience. 


And then using the latest web based Media such as HTML5 & web sites, mobile web sites and apps, email and social markets - we broadcast your message to reach the right people - with the right message at the right time.


We call it MMM  or (MESSAGE - MARKETS & MEDIA) -- its a process we use to get the discussion started.

We ask a lot more question and -- do much research to get to the right approach and strategy for your business.   This is just one of our unique marketing processs and trade secrets that we use to help you get the most from your investment. 


From simple web site that tell your story to ecommerence stores that effectively sell products - we can help.


Please call to discuss your ideas and needs.

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